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STORYquest Book by Laura Lentz

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Making Media that Matters

The concepts and experiences you develop to drive your five star target clients to make your company their go-to for what you offer may be ready for a quantum level upgrade.

At Be Seen Media LLC we can help you:

  • Design and develop strategic media experience solutions to fully address the client issues your company is seeking to overcome
  • Map stories into the company and marketshare that you wish to have to make the future happen
  • Design, write, brand, produce, cast, shoot, edit & deploy video content marketing, vlogs, educationals, invitationals and energetic media art that clearly sets the wrap around offers that make your future a reality
  • Be the best leader within you and engage Philip Brautigam and Be Seen Media for your next quantum company growth transformation

BE SEEN MEDIA LLC conceptualizes, designs and produces remarkable ruckus media.


BE SEEN MEDIA LLC is developing these important programs and products on multiple realms and spheres of influence.


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STORYquest WORKbook

Master Writer Teacher, Laura Lentz offers writers 12 STORYlabs to make their story into a Hero's Journey.